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Documentary about Vectioneer on Dutch Television

Television item about Vectioneer, an advanced robotics company founded by Philippe Piatkiwitz in which Orthos Ventures is proud to be a major shareholder.

The documentary is about the unique, sophisticated robotics software, we call The Motorcortex.

What makes human beings so adept at moving around swiftly in the real world is not just our neocortex (the part of our brain that controls higher level cognitive abilities), but mainly thanks to our motorcortex (part of the brain that controls higher level motor skills). For robots to coexist with us humans in industrial and professional environments, we need a motorcortex for robots.

Enter Vectioneer.


EXCLUSIVE: VanderSat and Swiss Re Partner to Bring Crop Insurance to Untapped Markets

VanderSat came out of stealth with a satellite data analysis service for the agriculture sector in January after receiving €1.34 million ($1.6m) in grant funding from the European Commission late last year.

Orthos Ventures signs agreement with Secretary of State

Orthos Ventures sleept als eerste business angel seed regeling in de wacht. Het ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (EZK) stelt dit jaar 10 miljoen euro beschikbaar voor private fondsen die geld willen investeren in startups en het innovatieve MKB. Deze zogenoemde business angels kunnen per fonds maximaal 1 miljoen euro lenen van de overheid.