Supervising Start-Ups

As a team we have ample and successful experience in supervising start-ups. We have played a key role in starting and scaling all of our collaborations. Our tenure as ATG Europe’s Co-CEOs brings a wealth of experience in organisation, strategy, business development, finance, talent management, and product development to the table. Furthermore, we have a very broad network that we unlock and use in our collaborations.

Thanks to our experience in running large companies, we can lighten the burden from our start-ups by taking over the dull stuff: administrative, financial, HRM, and (where applicable) IT tasks. This allows our startups to focus on strategy, service, and product development, which is so crucial in the first phase of a start-up. In this phase our involvement is quite intense, jointly kicking on prospects doors, targeting launching customers, hiring top talent and drafting a strategy for the coming years. As the maturity of the venture increases, our role fades more to the background (think board member, business coach), only to step in again on request.


Company Vision Statement

“Technology and its advancement is absolutely central to human progress. Entrepreneurs who create new technologies and technology companies are improving the standard of living of people worldwide and unlocking amazing new levels of human potential.”

This is a quote from the (far more elaborate) mission statement of the renowned Venture Capital fund Andreessen Horowitz. We could not agree more.

Our vision is that the future will be determined by fast-paced developments in high-tech hardware and data sciences like the space industry, robotics, connectivity and artificial intelligence. Most likely, the disruptive breakthrough will happen in the crossover of these technologies. Because that is what they are: technologies or enablers if you will.

The beauty is that small startups have chances equal to the tech giants in these domains, if they have enough unfair advantages and given the right support and guidance.


ATG Europe selected for the design of the parachute deployment system for ExoMars 2020

ATG Europe, leading Space engineering company in the Netherlands, following a competitive bid, has been selected by Aerospace Propulsion Products BV as mechanical design partner for the critical Parachute Deployment Device in the ESA Exomars 2020 programme.

EXCLUSIVE: VanderSat and Swiss Re Partner to Bring Crop Insurance to Untapped Markets

VanderSat came out of stealth with a satellite data analysis service for the agriculture sector in January after receiving €1.34 million ($1.6m) in grant funding from the European Commission late last year.

Orthos Ventures signs agreement with Secretary of State

Orthos Ventures sleept als eerste business angel seed regeling in de wacht. Het ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (EZK) stelt dit jaar 10 miljoen euro beschikbaar voor private fondsen die geld willen investeren in startups en het innovatieve MKB. Deze zogenoemde business angels kunnen per fonds maximaal 1 miljoen euro lenen van de overheid.